Donate- You & Me Educational Program

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Donate- You & Me Educational Program

Donation: RM50 – RM2000


Charity is a form of education. The implementation of charity culture into schools serves to jump-start students into organizing community projects voluntarily while enhancing their self-development and hence, delivering positive energy into our community.


We actively collaborate with students from various societies in schools and universities. Talks and knowledge sharing sessions are conducted for the students and these students will then take the initiative to organise community projects with Great Heart acting as partners in support of them by providing them with guidance and funding.


Monetary donation to support the activities. Every year, Great Vision aim to allocate RM3,000 per student group for 12 different sessions in a year. That totals to RM36,000 annually.

Volunteer your time, should the activities organised by the students require the assistance of volunteers.

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