Fundraiser by Yong Xuan for #HarapanMulia

//Fundraiser by Yong Xuan for #HarapanMulia

Fundraiser by Yong Xuan for #HarapanMulia

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RM 1,500.00 Goal

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Campaign Closed

Campaign Closed

Help me support my favourite NGO! ❤

I’ve always been a frequent volunteer for Great Vision Charity Association (GVCA) since my university days. Throughout my experience of volunteering with GVCA in the past 5 years, I am constantly amazed by the effort and passion they share to provide for the beneficiaries that are under their care. Despite my busy schedule, I try to make an effort to make myself available in many of their events, simply because I believe in the way they do things. Moreover, GVCA has always been transparent on the funds they received from donors, detailing every penny that goes into each programs, you may rest assured the donations are in good hands.

This round, GVCA is looking to raise RM450k to continue their charity programs in year 2023. Donations will be used to fund 2 programs, namely the Rakan Shopping Program and the Didik-Kasih EduCare Program.

Rakan Shopping Program would be the program I participated in the most, it aims to support the B40 communities by taking care of their monthly groceries needs. With groceries paid for, families can then focus on paying off overdue bills, medical fees, as well as the educational costs for their kids. Hopefully, it’ll be able to ease the burden of the families, and to create a better lifestyle for them.

The Didik-Kasih EduCare Program is a study aid that aims to assist those who wishes to further their tertiary studies by providing them with a start-up assistance and monthly allowance to cover his / her living expenses while studying throughout the period of assistance. The program also aims to influence and inspire successful applicants to give back to the society by getting involved in, and organizing charity activities.

My goal: To raise RM 1500.

If the target is reached, I would like to bake some cookies for the donors that have donated a minimum of RM100. Self-collection is available for donors that stay nearby Sri-Petaling/ Happy Garden. Anywhere else would require further discussion and arrangement. Just make sure to fill in the billing details when you checkout so that I can contact you. 😊

Thank you so much for your kind attention, do contact me if there are any queries regarding this fundraising initiative.

Note: As GVCA is currently still in the midst of applying with the LHDN for our tax-exemption status, all donations received are currently non-tax-exempted. We seek for your kind understanding on this matter.



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