Fundraiser by Syafiqah Hanif for #HarapanMulia

//Fundraiser by Syafiqah Hanif for #HarapanMulia

Fundraiser by Syafiqah Hanif for #HarapanMulia

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Campaign Closed

Campaign Closed

Play, Pray and Spray!

Hey all! It’s your rising, striving and aspiring to be good, do good girl!  Well, professionally, most knows me as Fiqah – and casually, 80% of the people I know calls me ‘Gar’!


Let me start with talking about what I do in real life.

I’m a 24 years old, dedicated and aspiring social worker – working with Great Heart Charity Association along with other sister NGOs – Great Vision Charity Association, Earth Warriors Association and Persatuan Kebajikan Kasih Semadi!

I’ve started working since I’m 19? Or maybe 20 years old – right after I graduated from my Diploma in 3D Animations. I’ve had several roles in my career, started with graphic designer, telemarketer, working in production house, social media writer and leaped to being a pledged copywriter – and now working as a social media team member here!

It’s funny how my life journey goes, as I’ve always tryna be independent and have been moving here and there; to pursue my career, and my job. Gaining experience with all the works I’ve done; I’ve decided to be stronger to achieve more for my future.

I came to Great Heart in July 2021, almost a year now! It’s really a change of culture, surrounding, experience and eye-opening moments when I started here. All this time, I’ve always thought that working in NGO is, like, literally – volunteering. Never have I thought that there would be a fully operating team that works together to provide support, aid and assistance to those in need.


As I started my career here, in the social media field, and as a social worker – I’ve come to realise that Doing good has no boundaries.

Your every action, movement, steps and effort towards doing good, everything matters. As small as holding the door open for others, to cleaning together and even by just saying thank you. All those actions are common in our daily life, but they bring warmth and indescribable feelings of harmony.


Coming back to the fundraiser! I have volunteered several times with Great Vision Charity Association or Persatuan Harapan Mulia. I’ve gone through multiple Rakan Shopping sessions where we will be shopping for groceries and get items from the wishlist of the families themselves! We will then send over the groceries to their home, in PPR (Projek Perumahan Rakyat); if you don’t know what this is, PPR is a low-cost home for underprivileged families, mainly from the B40 category. Meeting these families, seeing how some single parents with children to care of, with health issue that are to be sacrificed for lacking the financial backing to go through treatment or just a super big family with low income to sustain trying to push through the struggle, and make their life better, grateful to even have a plate of rice on the table to feed their family. I’ve come to realise that what our support has given them. The monthly grocery aid for these families have given them hope, and privilege to live like any other family out there. With this monthly grocery purchase, they get to use high quality, best goods for the month. It is truly an eye-opening moment as I realise that they need the help, more than others.


I’ve always come to think that my family situation is unfortunate. My mother is a single parent, struggling with sickness to raise me and my younger brother. We don’t always have enough, but we manage to still live together. Sharing the great things when it come and sharing the difficulties until it passes by. When I came into Great Heart, they offered me support and they heard my struggles, took into consideration of my difficulties – and now, here I am, going great with my job, and YES! Got married to my husband, – who is super supportive of my career and will ALWAYS volunteer for charity works with me too!


OH and as for the Didik-Kasih EduCare program, I’ve always wanted to pursue my degree for a chance to improve my life. However, I decided that working is the best for me now, and maybe pursuing the degree will come – in any future. As for my brother, he got to pursue his studies and is doing his degree now. When Great Vision heard of my brother, they offered me to apply for their Didik-Kasih program for my brother – knowing the struggles my family is facing. I told my brother to apply for it, he prepared all the documents, went through the interview and BAM! He is one of the Didik-Kasih students now! Talking from my family’s own perspective, we are really really grateful that we receive this aid. My brother’s studies fee, e-learning costs and materials needed requires a decent sum of money to actually be able to learn comfortably. With the aid given, my mother can worry less about my brother’s internet bills, phone bills, study equipments and others. And to top that, my brother is also given the opportunity to volunteer, learn more about giving back to the community and to share the happiness.


#HarapanMulia is a campaign to fundraise for Great Vision Charity Association, in hope to sustain the expenses, operating costs and to maintain the programs for 2023. I have decided to join the campaign as a fundraiser, and to raise a total amount of RM3,000!

As I’ve mentioned before, since I spend my free times playing online PC games with my friends, I have decided to host a charity livestream fundraiser on my Twitch channel, and might bring it to Facebook Channel as well! Together with my group of friends, they will be streaming together with me to support the cause and we hope that it will go well for the whole month!


If you are interested in supporting my fundraiser, donate to my fundraiser, or entertain yourself and head to my Twitch channel to support me there!

Discord: ruexu#1001




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