Fundraiser by Kar Ting for #HarapanMulia

//Fundraiser by Kar Ting for #HarapanMulia

Fundraiser by Kar Ting for #HarapanMulia

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Campaign Closed

Campaign Closed

Hey there! Want to make a donation to support those in need, but not sure where to start? Here you are, at the right place to explore more!

Hello! I am Kar Ting and have been working in Great Heart Charity Association as a full-time social worker for at least a year already, without me realizing it~ I am really glad to be able to be part of the giving community to those in need, as I personally believe in the saying goes, “Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person”. Right now I am raising funds for our sister NGO, Great Vision Charity Association under the #HarapanMulia fundraising campaign.

I would like to begin with “Pay It Forward”. I believe that most of us have received kindness from people around us. It could be someone buying you a coffee, or holding the door open for you, etc. Therefore, here I am giving you an opportunity to pay forward the kindness you have received. And for every donation you make to this campaign, no matter big or small, I will pay your kindness forward by giving small gifts to our beneficiaries’ children to make their day! It would be in the form of treats/food/toys/etc. 1 donor = 1 happy child! 

You may ask, why am I joining #HarapanMulia fundraising campaign?

This is because I personally find their Didik-Kasih Educare Program could really assist the underprivileged who wish to further their studies. I believe many of us would agree that education serves a really important role in one’s future ability to secure a stable and stress free life. This is because one who is equipped with good education has a higher likelihood to secure a stable income to support themselves or a family in the future.

However, the real truth is, not everyone is able to afford further studies. During my time working as a social worker, I have met different families and most are struggling to survive that they had to eat less, pawned their gold, borrowed money from loan sharks, or even resulted in having huge outstanding bills, chased out of their houses, and many more other difficult situations they had to face due to serious financial problem. Hence, many of them do not dare to even think about having their children further their studies, and encourage them to look for a job as soon as they graduate from high school.

Hence, with Great Vision’s Didik-Kasih Educare Program, it provides those who wish to further their studies with startup assistance and monthly allowance to cover their living expenses while studying throughout the period of assistance. This could provide the underprivileged a chance to consider sending their children to further their studies as they worry less about not being able to finance their child’s education.

Come join me to be part of the giving community and support those truly in need! I sincerely Thank You in advance!


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