#HarapanMulia by Natashya Khoo!

//#HarapanMulia by Natashya Khoo!

#HarapanMulia by Natashya Khoo!

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Campaign Closed

Campaign Closed


I’m fundraising RM500 for Great Vision Charity’s work with the B40 community. Every RM50 donated allows the charity to put together a grocery pack for a B40 family which will last the family a month.



With rising costs of living (think the many jams you’ve been stuck in & how much money just goes to petrol), the B40 community has continued to face financial challenges post-pandemic.



I’ll be fundraising by making TikTok videos! Everyone who donates can send me a TikTok trend that they want me to do & I will do it (despite my limited dance skills).


Thank you for your time & for donating to this cause!

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