Fundraiser by Tony Toh for #HarapanMulia

//Fundraiser by Tony Toh for #HarapanMulia

Fundraiser by Tony Toh for #HarapanMulia

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Campaign Closed

Campaign Closed

Being involved as part of the charity life, NGOs like Great Vision Charity Association has made us realize how important our missions are to help out the underprivileged families and people when needed whom are often forgotten by the society, especially towards the B40 communities.

With the current ongoing situations like Covid-19 and lockdowns that heavily affected many underprivileged societies in a most unfortunate way, this critical moment is when each of us has the utmost responsibility to lend a care when they need us.

And that’s why I’m setting a fundraise campaign dedicated to all GVCA programs. Here’s where we explain for each GVCA programs:

  • Didik Kasih EduCare program: For all donations made, all proceeds will go to helping the underprivileged students who are unable to pay up their basic costs to obtain their education in college. These students needed to fulfil their successful future life. The best part is? These same students most of the times will come back to even help other underprivileged families once they obtain their scholarship!
  • Rakan Shopping program: The proceeds will also go to B40 underprivileged families (mainly from PPR low-cost flat areas residency) where volunteers would purchase daily groceries for the families. It is known that many families have unsustainable income as a result of their dire condition imposed by many external factors. The recent Covid-19 only makes it worst and we hope that these proceeds will help stabilize their situation.
  • Collaborating partners: A little fact known is GVCA also collaborates with other associations and organizations like Prudential which facilitates PRUKasih Financial Relief, as well as sister NGOs like Great Heart Charity Association’s charitable programs which I came from! What a small world we are living now!

So, are we waiting for? Let’s start our own part to help contribute donations to GVCA when we can! Remember that every single cent count, because they will always be life saver for those who are most unfortunate than us!

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