Fundraiser by Jeff Tan for #HarapanMulia

///Fundraiser by Jeff Tan for #HarapanMulia

Fundraiser by Jeff Tan for #HarapanMulia

Minimum Donation RM 1.00

RM 228.00


RM 10,000.00 Goal

6 Donors

Campaign Closed

Campaign Closed

I’m Jeff from Great Heart Charity Association. Now I wish to support the fundraising of RM500 000 for our sister NGO Great Vision Charity Association. This amount are mainly use for their charity expenses in Year 2021.

I have been joining Great Vision for few times, their charity works are very meaningful for beneficiaries. The main charity they do are bring underprivileged families to buy groceries and support students from under privileged families to study university.

For some of the poor families, I found that their children might be performing very well in their school result. However, family’s financial situation force them must go to work and earn money as soon as possible. In this case, some of them might lost focus on their study, even some of them force to abort the chance to further study. In our eyes, we maybe will feel kind of pity, but they really have not much choice because of their financial situation.

The reason I support the fundraising for Great Vision Charity Association is because I believe the support they giving to the student will really change their future life, it is very important toward them.



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