Fundraiser by Joshua Lim for #HarapanMulia

///Fundraiser by Joshua Lim for #HarapanMulia

Fundraiser by Joshua Lim for #HarapanMulia

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Campaign Closed

Throughout my 5 years of working experiences in a charity NGO, we did support a lot of poor families in terms of grocery, rental, medicine, transportation fee, dialysis expense, hospital surgery and equipment and so on. But as time goes by, we are seeing the bigger picture of what is the ultimate reason that are making the poor family become poorer and thehuge increment of B40 families in society, the reason that we can speculate, is the lack of good education to the next generation.

Very often, the parents who have received very minimal education or no education, will mostly end up in a low-income job that is easily replaceable during economy recession (especially during MCO or CMCO), jobs such as cleaner or contract security guard or factory worker will be the first to be unemployed. What makes it worse is that they might mislead the next generation, telling them to not focusing so much on education but instead to just go work early to support the household expense. Without a good academy background, the children will mostly end up in a low-income job like their parents, and hence the cycle of poverty goes on.

Which is why, Didik Kasih is a fantastic project to me personally, because it aimed to support the underprivileged families kids who liked to further study to college or university, but even though most of their tuition expenses had been covered by PTPTN, they are really worried about their accommodation expenses, transportation expenses, and food expenses when they studied in college or university.

So, what really impressed me about the Didik-Kasih program from Great Vision Charity Organization, is that they will be sponsoring RM1500 start-up fee (to be used to purchase work laptop or any other necessary education expense) and RM250 monthly for their living expenses, they can use the money to cover their transportation or accommodation expenses. In the meantime, most of them are very independent I would say. They will find some part-time work such as a part-time promoter in a shopping mall in order to earn that money, for their food expenses.

Throughout the GVCA supporting period that lasted for 1 year, we never ask anything in return. Instead, we will only request them to organize one charity program/event that can benefit the underprivileged category, which is also sponsored by us for the entire event expenses. We are teaching them to learn to contribute/give back to the society after they received something good from them.

This program is certainly amazing and we really need your help to continuously fund us in this program, so that more and more youngster nowadays will receive the proper education, go for a better job opportunity, and ultimately end the cycle of poverty in future.



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