Fundraiser by Munyan Chor for #HarapanMulia

///Fundraiser by Munyan Chor for #HarapanMulia

Fundraiser by Munyan Chor for #HarapanMulia

Minimum Donation RM 1.00

RM 3,056.00


RM 10,000.00 Goal

28 Donors

Campaign Closed

Campaign Closed

Hi, I’m Munyan, I have a calling to help the needy community, and have a vision that everyone can join me in this journey.

Long long time ago… (here comes the grandmother story but with a twist)

At my teenage times, I was a lost soul like many of us now, living in my own world, not knowing what to expect where the future would bring me to. Yes, I was not born to be kind, caring or even know what it is like to help others. It’s a blessing to have met with my counsellor that literally changed my life (this is the twist part). She encouraged me the world needs a little more empathy.

This leads me to pursue Psychology and stepping into this journey. I took a pause while writing this, asking myself did I do a good job in these 5 years? How can I do this better?

The whispers in my ears hymns, ‘this is a lifelong profession, you’ll only be better’.
My day job is to help someone in need (on food, education, health care needs).
My night job is to help someone’s mind in need (on mental health needs).

The tough day held me ponder, did humans create a system to make it hard for humans? The good day can be so simple as putting a smile on someone’s face.

Throughout the journey, I’m humbled by how kindness works. I learned that the kindest people are often the ones that were once given help, and most of them are thankful and wish to pay it forward. Help comes in all forms, it could be listening to someone’s stories, an act of service, an opportunity to higher education, a job to meet ends, or a gift that inspires them.

There’s no end to this story, as it’s a baton I pass on to you who has been reading this far to continue this journey with me.

Support me in this crowdfunding effort to fund raise RM10,000 for Persatuan Harapan Mulia to fund for its charity programs, activities and needs of the organization for year 2021.

Let’s be a part of this collective choice in investing for another person’s pursuit of happiness. Every bits count!
Thank you!



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