Association caring to the needy in society

//Association caring to the needy in society

Association caring to the needy in society

Kuala Lumpur, 12 November 2016: Through a continuous effort from Great Vision Charity Association (GVCA), the Shopping Buddy Program continues to bring hope to different needy families by contributing RM100 cash voucher to them for a grocery shopping trip. Ten poor households from PPR Pantai Ria, Pantai Dalam were selected to join the shopping treat with the companions of volunteers.

Social worker from GVCA visited the 10 households in PPR before the event. Most benefitted households came from a poor financial background with a monthly household income of less than RM1000.

Despite living a frugal life, the old couple, Mr Lee Eng Hua and his wife were still taking care of a middle-aged son who are mentally disabled. Mr Lee and his family live from hand to mouth by planting organic vegetables at a small empty land near his house and he sells the vegetables in the market.

There was some respite for the 10 families and their hardship seems to be forgotten for a short while throughout the shopping session. Volunteers accompanied and aided the families in choosing and summing up the purchase of goods.

One of the student volunteers, Ms. Karena Kow commented: “Through this volunteering experience, I realized that there is a lot of people need help. I was surprised to find out some families with a household of 7 members couldn’t not afford to get a refrigerator.”

After the grocery shopping, the families were also being invited to have a luncheon before being chauffeured back to their homes. Mr Lee and his wife were grateful with the help received from the association and treated some of the volunteers their pre-picked fresh vegetables from their garden. The volunteers were touched by this surprise gesture.

For details on Great Vision Charity Association, visit their official website at or write to them at [email protected].

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