Kindness in 2020 with January Rakan Shopping!

//Kindness in 2020 with January Rakan Shopping!

Kindness in 2020 with January Rakan Shopping!

It might be a new year, but we still have the same goal of giving to those who need it the most through our Rakan Shopping programme!

Walking into Giant for a day of grocery shopping

Every month, we head into PPR Pantai Ria, which are low-cost flats made especially for those in the B40 earning bracket. There, we sign residents up for PRUkasih, which is a free healthcare protection plan. Afterwards, we take families and individuals to a nearby supermarket, where they are given a budget to necessities and groceries that Great Vision sponsors for them.

January 2020 was no different from the rest as our volunteers happily spoke to many PPR residents, telling them about the PRUkasih plan bright and early in the morning, and eventually getting them to sign up. While it is a small move on their part, the plan will prove to protect them against health and other potential crises in the future.

Selecting only the best groceries for our beneficiaries

At the local Giant supermarket, the beneficiaries of the event carefully picked out the items that they needed in their homes the most, be it fresh foods or toiletries. Lisa, one of our volunteers, tells us that shopping with the PPR residents was the most memorable moment in her volunteering experience with Rakan Shopping.

“We took pictures of the beneficiaries and helped them check the price of the items that they wanted to purchase. During lunch and while driving them to Giant, we were also able to have lovely conversations!” said Lisa, whose teammate Quan Heng helped add up the price of the selected items to make sure that it didn’t go over the budget.

A photo with some of the sponsored household items

She, like the other volunteers on that day, learnt the valuable skill of approaching and talking to strangers- all for their benefit. All in all, we sent home eleven happy residents (both individuals and families) who will now be able to make it through their days a little easier thanks to the sponsored household necessities they received during Rakan Shopping.

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