Taking a ride to RapidKL

//Taking a ride to RapidKL

Taking a ride to RapidKL

If you live in the big city, or have been to major cities around the world, chances are that you would have gotten the chance to get on a train, or have at least seen one before. Whether it’s called an LRT, MRT or monorail, trains are an important part of our daily lives- but how many of us know how they work?

Posing for photos during a train ride

In August, our Didik-Kasih EduCare Program recipient Nurul decided that it was time to find out by organising an event for 20 children from Pusat Jagaan Telaga Kasih Nur Muhammad to visit Depot Complex Rapid Rail Subang. While playing ice breakers, the children also learnt the importance of public transportation in a modern world.

Listening to how trains are made to function

On the technical side, the kind staff at Rapid Rail also taught the kids about how trains are built, and the many safety features that are put into place so that getting on your daily commute is a non-risky and enjoyable experience. The best part? One of the workshops were conducted within a train wash, where the kids got to experience going through a machine that washes trains!

Observing what goes on in Rapid Rail

Although some of the kids were a little nervous going into the loud, unfamiliar train wash, the volunteers of the event were happy to calm their nerves. “We were so happy to make the children feel involved and that they were able to participate,” said one of the volunteers.

Photo with one of the simulations

The kids, who were more than happy to learn new things, were also served a yummy lunch after the programme and received fun goodie bags courtesy of Rapid Rail.

Nurul was able to conduct the event thanks to the Didik-Kasih EduCare Program, which not only assisted her financially and logistically to run the event, but also empowered her by funding her education and mentoring her to be able to give back to the community around her.

Group photo in one of the trains

If you are a needy student going into tertiary education, we want to help you achieve your dreams! Learn more about Didik-Kasih here and┬ádrop us an email at [email protected] for more information. We look forward to giving back to you, and to the community with you, together.

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