Rakan Shopping Sept 2019

//Rakan Shopping Sept 2019

Rakan Shopping Sept 2019


Malaysia Day Special: Charity shopping with 9 Project Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) families last Sunday is little extraordinary as our president Mr. Franky See Swee Choy joined us as one of the volunteers.

He was delighted to witness his ambition of people from different walks of life come together by charity cause. He too shared he would like to see this happening more often as it will bring much peace & harmony to the society.

Fellow volunteers accompanied and chauffeured the families to purchase their daily grocery and shared some fun time during lunch. It was a exceptional experience for them to see how a small help can bring so much joy.

“Through this event, it also teaches me to be grateful and thankful for what i have now from my parents and if we have the opportunity or ability, we should offer help to the needy people in any aspects.” one of the volunteer, Hon Mun expressed after the event.

If you are curious what, and whos about PPR, and how your few hours would possibly change their life, donate to us at https://www.persatuanharapanmulia.org.my/product/donate-rakan-shopping-program/

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