Shopping with Rakan in February 2020

//Shopping with Rakan in February 2020

Shopping with Rakan in February 2020

Our second Rakan Shopping event of the year was once again an event that was fun, engaging and meaningful.

The monthly event is called Rakan Shopping not only because we shop for those in need, but also for us to be a rakan to the underprivileged. Often, society looks down at the needy- our goal is to improve their quality of living while also building healthy friendships with the PPR (low-cost flats) residents that we help, as meeting their emotional needs is just an important as physical and financial aid.

Volunteers and beneficiaries posing for a photo

Early in the morning on the last Sunday of February, we gathered at PPR Pantai Ria, with many residents recognising our yellow vests from the many months that we have conducted activities there. We started our day by signing eligible residents up for the PRUkasih programme- a free protection plan for medical and physical emergencies that they might encounter.

A briefing while signing people up for the PRUkasih protection plan

Afterwards, 10 underprivileged families were taken to Giant Sri Manja, a nearby supermarket where they were given a fixed budget to get anything they needed for their household, be it food, groceries or toiletries. Our eager volunteers were split up between the families so that they could help them decide what to get, carry and calculate the purchased groceries and build relationships along the way.

A volunteer calculating the price of the groceries

This month in particular, many housewives were seen buying kitchen appliances like frying pans and electric fans to keep them cool in the kitchen. With the novel coronavirus going around, housewives have more pressure to make healthy meals for the family while ensuring that they stay healthy themselves, so the shopping vouchers that were given to them couldn’t have come at a better time.

A trolley filled with groceries that will help this housewife fend for her family

By replacing the wear and tear of old household utensils and purchasing things that they truly needed, these families were fully able to make their houses a home. Many expressed gratitude to Great Vision and were seen mingling with the volunteers during lunch all the way until they were dropped back home.

A volunteer helping to check out groceries

We at Great Vision are so grateful for the opportunity to reach out to this community and look forward to continually helping those who need it the most.

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