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Charity hair-cut day!

Malaysia's Movement Control Order (MCO) was a tough time for various reasons, with one reason being that many were not able to get haircuts! Coincidentally, one of our last Didik-Kasih EduCare Program events before the MCO was Kristina's, our financial aid recipient who ran a charity hair cut. The event was held at Kingswright Academy, [...]

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Batik – Learning a national treasure

While there are many stories on its origins, all Malaysians appreciate batik as a national icon. The beautiful art form, which is often sported as clothing these days, has been passed down from generation to generation and has left its mark on art pieces, architecture, and both traditional and modern apparel. For her unique [...]

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The escape into space

Our Didik-Kasih EduCare Program financial aid recipient Yovinka brought 30 children and teens from Destiny Starting Point Welfare Association to the National Planetarium to get an in-depth look on space, our solar system, and the planet that we live on. For many young children, space is an abstract concept, with the only glimpses of space [...]

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Discovering the unknown, together

Most of us have heard of Into the Unknown, a song from the popular animated movie, Frozen 2. Discovering something unknown is certainly an exciting, albeit nerve-wracking experience. At a certain again, many of us go through a time of self-discovery, learning our strengths and weaknesses which determine what we want to do with our [...]

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Teaching excellence, not perfection

We might come from different cultures, but in Malaysia we can all agree that food unites us! Baking is something that brings joy, and gives us a chance to give others the gift of food. To show the younger generation just how simple and enjoyable baking can be, our Didik-Kasih EduCare Program financial aid recipient [...]

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Giving the gift of science

When was the last time you studied science? For some, it may be your career; for others, it’s been left in a Form 5 textbook. Do you realise, though, that you’re actually studying science every day? From Googling a cure for your backache to putting conditioner in your hair after shampoo, science is all [...]

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A look into Islamic Art

Globalisation has taken over a lot of our heritage in the 21st century, but Malaysia is fortunate to have many museums, displays and even holidays where we commemorate the richness of culture that we have in our land. Like many of us, Anisha, our Didik-Kasih EduCare Program recipient, recognised the importance of preserving our culture [...]

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A training for young minds

In the 21st century, the importance of taking care of one’s mental health is getting more and more recognised, with the value of soft skills put in the forefront of employer’s minds as they hire people who are both physically and emotionally competent for the job. Developing a healthy emotional quotient, or EQ, is [...]

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Taking a ride to RapidKL

If you live in the big city, or have been to major cities around the world, chances are that you would have gotten the chance to get on a train, or have at least seen one before. Whether it's called an LRT, MRT or monorail, trains are an important part of our daily lives- but [...]

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Serving The Community with Didik-Kasih

As Great Vision Charity Association (GVCA) enters a new year, we celebrate the various events that have been conducted in 2019 by our very own Didik-Kasih EduCare Program recipients, who carry them out not only because it is a part of their programme, but because they seek to give back to those who need it. [...]

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