Rakan Shopping Program- July Edition

//Rakan Shopping Program- July Edition

Rakan Shopping Program- July Edition

On 15th July 2017, 10 families from Pangsapuri Desa Sepakat have been selected to join our Rakan Shopping Program at Giant Taman Sri Manja. Great Vision representative presented goodie bag that contained rice, oil, can food and milo to each family in courtesy of Great Vision’s sister NGO Great Heart Charity Association.

Besides that, the manager of Giant Taman Sri Manja also presented door gifts of milk powder and a mug to all families and volunteers involved.

The families were happy with the aid given to lessen their household burden.

“The event was fun and I feel now that my spending habits is something to reflect upon. My perspective shifted when the beneficiaries bought various necessity items worth RM 100. Sometimes, we take the value of money for granted and buy unnecessary items and that we should be more aware about the way we spend.” said volunteer Locshiny Navaseelan.

“I enjoyed this week’s rakan shopping. Everything went quite smoothly and get to know more about how they are coping their life with positivity and gratefulness even with struggles. This particular aunty i was assigned to has gone through breast cancer. It strikes me personally as my mum had gone through the same illness. And with so limited financial resources and support,it’s not easy to go through this journey. Yet this aunty has gone through it with courage, survive and live on.” commented volunteer, Jun.

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