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    Fundraiser by NianShan for #HarapanMulia

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    Hello everyone,Am NianShan here..Here I want to share a very meaningful things with all my relatives and friends. Because of the epidemic, many families or people are facing many problems and crisis. I not forcing everyone to donate just like I did. I just hoping if we can help out why not just help out whichever we can. There’s no need a big amount for your donation just donate whatever amount that you want it! Let the world become colourful like last time. A big thank you to Great Vision for the fundraising. Thank you to those people for the donations!
  • Fundraiser by Nurul Faraheen for #HarapanMulia

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    Hi everyone!Korang tahu tak sambung belajar ke peringkat university/kolej adalah satu hak yang istimewa bukan semua orang boleh dapat?Saya, Faraheen, saya dah bekerja lebih dari 1 tahun di bidang charity (kerja amal) di Great Heart Charity Association (GHCA) dan saya dah pernah lihat berapa ramai sahabat2 baya saya atau adik-adik saya yang tiada hak istimewa ini disebabkan keadaan kewangan keluarga mereka yang tidak mengizinkan.Tapi, salah sebuah organisasi di bawah GHCA iaitu Great Vision (GV), mereka telah membantu ramai pelajar yang berasal daripada keluarga yang kurang berkemampuan untuk melanjutkan pelajaran mereka dengan memberi bantuan kewangan dari segi duit sara hidup bulanan dan juga mengajar pelajar-pelajar tersebut bagaimana untuk merancang dan melaksanakan program amal dibantu oleh wakil-wakil daripada GV.Bagi saya, apa yang dilakukan oleh GV dapat memberi impak yang mendalam. Jangan terkejut ye kawan-kawan, pelajar mungkin boleh mohon bantuan untuk membayar yuran pengajian dan mendapat sedikit extra untuk sara hidup tapi cukup ke tanpa duit tambahan dari ibu bapa? Ramai tak yang terpaksa ikat perut demi tidak mahu menyusahkan ibu bapa mereka? Memang ramai, saya juga pernah lalui situasi ini dahulu.Oleh itu saya skrg sedang melakukan kutipan derma supaya GV dapat terus membantu pelajar-pelajar yang memerlukan lagi-lagi di waktu ekonomi gawat skrg. RM100, RM10, even RM1 sekali pun sangat-sangat kami hargai kerana kebaikan anda sekarang, dapat mengubah masa depan orang lain. Satu ayat yang saya pegang dari dulu, kita tidak akan miskin dengan menderma.
  • Fundraiser by Peggy Chang for #HarapanMulia

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    My Journey into the Charity World I had never thought a career break in 2013 would lead me to this path, working in a charity organisation. Many people said it would be a waste for young people to work in a charity organisation and we should only do this when we reached retirement age. So initially, I thought, maybe I can work for 2 years in a charity organisation and gain some experience before moving on and deciding again on what I want to do in my life.Now, with the year 2021 fast approaching, it marks my 7th year serving in a charity organisation. It is a truly remarkable and fulfilling journey and undoubtably has been the best years of my life. But I also came to the realisation that there seems to be no end in solving the ever-growing social problems in our society.Sometimes, I will ask myself, should I give up? But the thought that NGOs are the last hope that the underprivileged have makes me hesitated. Even though we cannot help everyone, but at least we managed to lift the lives of someone. Those lives whom we managed to touch, we gave them assurance that the society still cares and has not given up on them. The realisation that the society needs us had motivated me to continue on this journey and never give up easily. It has also made me realised that living a life with the purpose to serve is a lifelong journey that is worth pursuing for.When there is a will, there is a way. And like-minded people do come together to make it work. This is how more and more charity programs have mushroomed up along the years to benefit more and more underprivileged groups from our society, through different charity arms, among which Great Heart Charity Association, Great Vision Charity Association, Geng Xin Tang, and Earth Warriors Association are some, just to name a few. Alone, we cannot do much, but with the help of generous donors and kind-hearted volunteers like yourself, we have made it thus far. There is still a long and uncertain road ahead, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic looming. Many are impacted by it, especially the vulnerable group of our society. The survival of NGOs at times like this are especially critical as they are the last bastion of support that the underprivileged groups of our society can go to.I am currently supporting a fundraising campaign for Great Vision Charity Association, with the aim to raise enough funds to sustain their operation and be able to continue providing help to the vulnerable groups of our society in the coming year 2021. Do support and share it out if you agree that as part of the society, everyone plays a role and has the responsibility to make it a better one for all.Introduction to Great Vision Charity Association (GVCA) Great Vision Charity Association (GVCA) aims to educate and inspire the underprivileged communities through 2 of its main programs: Rakan Shopping Program and Didik-Kasih EduCare Program.Through the Rakan Shopping Program, besides getting groceries for the needy, volunteers play a role to impart knowledge on how to make better purchase decisions to the B40 communities during the shopping process with the beneficiaries. It is sad to know that many from the B40 community do not have any idea on how to manage their finances at all, which makes them very vulnerable in a society with so much uncertainties. I am also surprised to find out many of them do not even have the opportunity to purchase their daily necessities from supermarkets, which sometimes offer better and cheaper food prices. Other than this, the Rakan Shopping Program also acts as an outreach program for GVCA to identify beneficiaries that might require further intervention or help. For example, the children from poor families who wish to continue their studies in tertiary education will have the opportunity to participate in the Didik-Kasih EduCare Program, which helps to relief the family’s burden as they will be receiving monthly study allowance during the course of the program.Didik-Kasih EduCare Program has helped many underprivileged children continue their tertiary studies instead of dropping out after Form 5 and becoming problematic youths. They are at such an innocent age, with high chances for them to be led into the wrong path that will destroy their life. Participants in the Didik-Kasih EduCare Program has the opportunity to learn how to give back to the society by planning and organising a charity event under their respective mentor’s guidance. And they will be the role model for their brothers and sisters, which makes them become a more mature and responsible young adult after they have successfully completed the program. The proudest moment will be how the participants have changed their life from at-risk youths to confident young adults with hopes and dreams. I hope many more can benefit from this program.Conclusion All programs under GVCA are meaningful and focus to solve society’s problems by bringing care, hopes, and dreams to the underprivileged. It requires support from everyone, including volunteers and donors, to make it successful and sustainable. Therefore, we hope to gather the support from everyone for this fundraising campaign, and to help us to share the campaign out so that more are aware of the meaningful programs run by GVCA.No one has ever become poor by giving. A fulfilled life can only be attained if one has utterly understood the meaning of giving. Wishing everyone the best of health and staying safe in this challenging time.Thank you.Warmest Regards, Peggy Chang
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    Fundraiser by Peggy Chang for #HarapanMulia

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    The journey of self-discoveryMy life changed when I first realised the impermanence of all things 10 years ago. I decided to spend my time more meaningfully with a switch from working in the corporate world to working in a charity NGO. The switch allowed me to open my eyes and see the real world up-close and personal. This has also accelerated myself to be who I am today; grateful and happy.It is not easy when you try to push yourself out of your comfort zone. New challenges arise in all forms and patterns almost on a daily basis when you work in a charity organisation, but that is also exactly what makes living our life worthwhile; getting the experience and learning opportunities that comes with it! Other than the fulfilment you get with having successfully solving each of the challenges, the opportunity to watch the appreciative smile on other people’s face will always makes us feel that the time and effort spent is well worth it! We might or might not have changed the beneficiary’s life through our one single action, but the heart of everyone involved, including those of the volunteers has changed, whether they realised it or not.You will only grow stronger after you have learnt how to give truthfully and love everything that happens in your life. Gratitude and appreciation are what made our life beautiful. Getting involved in charity works and helping others will accentuate your ability to realise this.When I looked back, after years of working in a charity NGO, my biggest takeaway is when you truly learnt how to give, regardless of love, time, nor money, the biggest beneficiary is always yourself, not others. So, learn to be a giver starting today! I am targeting to help raise RM3,000 for Great Vision Charity Association’s ongoing charity programs “Shopping Buddy Program” and “Didik-Kasih EduCare Program” to ensure it can continue to run smoothly in the year 2023. Do support my #HarapanMulia fundraiser now!P/S: To make it a FUNraiser and to give myself another new challenge, I have decided to conduct a Mini Terrarium workshop for my lovely donors who supported my fundraiser with a minimum donation of RM300 and above. Only 10 slots are available. Kindly let me know if you want to secure your slots in the workshop. First come first served! Have fun while doing good! :)Thank you!Regards,Peggy
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    Fundraiser by Phoebe for #HarapanMulia

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    “种下一棵树,收获一片绿阴;献出一份爱心,实现一个宏愿疫情期间,我换了几份工作,漂泊不定的生活,让我情绪低落,心理上出现了巨大的波动和反常。工作的压力让我本来黑暗的生活雪上加霜。机缘巧合之下,我开始参与慈善活动,帮助有需要的人或同病相怜的人。渐渐地,我觉得从事慈善可以平息我浮躁的情绪。其实,每个人都需要支持和鼓励,社会也需要理解和关心。今年我有幸可以为宏愿慈善筹款,帮助受惠者筹未来一年的生活费和学费,我希望大家能够慷慨捐款。在复杂的世界寻求一种简单,让浮躁的心灵得到一种宁静; 在淡漠的人群寻求一种感动,让奢华的社会带来一种质朴。 Life is busy, and it can sometimes be easy to forget to show your gratitude for all that you’ve been given. When you are ready to give and are researching a charity to support, this can remind us of all that we have, and the act of donating to charity is a way to express our feelings gratitude.Successful charitable programs bring out the best in people who are seeking inspiration and purpose in life. It helps us see that a little help does go a long way. Without charity, there would be no second chances and opportunities for people and communities who need these.Every ringgit you contribute to Great Vision “Harapan Mulia” will be invested into changing the lives of communities in need. Inspire others to give generously by posting your act of kindness #harapanmulia on social media today.
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    Fundraiser by Shayne for #HarapanMulia

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    It has been 5 years since I actively participate in the charity field. My parents had taught us the importance of giving back to society by bringing us to volunteer in orphanages and old folks' homes frequently. After graduation, I started working with a wide range of beneficiaries and found out that the root cause of poverty is a lack of proper education within the community.To improve their living condition, Great Vision has been supporting the underprivileged scholars that wish to further their studies at the tertiary level via Didik Kasih Program. It provides start-up assistance and a monthly allowance to support underprivileged students to pursue higher education as they lack financial support for their living expenses. Other than financial support, Great Vision provides the opportunity for the students to conduct their own charity projects based on their field of expertise to benefit more underprivileged individuals while learning soft skills such as project management and proposal writing at the same time.Other than Didik Kasih Program, Rakan Shopping Program is conducted every month to reduce the burden on underprivileged families living in PPR (Project Perumahan Rakyat). Cash vouchers will be handed to underprivileged families for a grocery shopping session with the volunteers.I’m currently fundraising for Great Vision in hopes to light up the lives of even more underprivileged individuals that are fighting for their future. Join me by donating to this meaningful campaign and show your support to our beloved beneficiaries ❤️
  • Fundraiser by Shayne Khoo for #HarapanMulia

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    Hello peeps! I'm Shayne from Great Vision Charity Association. I hope you're having a meaningful day like mine aiming to make a positive impact on someone's life :) Speaking of which, join me by donating to this meaningful fundraising campaign which fund will be used in our monthly Rakan Shopping Program and Didik-Kasih EduCare Program.Despite current economical turmoil and uncertainties due to the pandemic, Great Vision has been supporting the less fortunate that wishes to further their studies to the tertiary level. We provide start-up assistance and a monthly allowance to cover their living expenses throughout their studies. Furthermore, this program's main purpose is to give exposure to successful applicants for them to build connections with people from relevant industries. At the same time, building a network when they organise charity activities while learning soft skills such as project management and proposal writing.Moving on to Rakan Shopping Program, we conduct this program on the third Saturday of every month. Cash vouchers will be handed out to 10 underprivileged families for a grocery shopping session with the volunteers. This program is conducted by Great Vision and other associations in a bid to ease the burden of the less fortunate families and influencing members of the public to volunteer for charity events.I am currently fundraising for Great Vision in hopes that the good deeds can continue running as we move forward to 2021. With your kind donation, you are supporting the ambitious students to fight for their future, reduce poverty and provide warm hearty meals for the families under our care. They may not have much as they are working for minimum wage, hence we are doing the best we can to give them a helping hand :)May all of us bask in the gifts life provided, stay healthy and stay safe!
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    Fundraiser by Syafiqah Hanif for #HarapanMulia

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    Play, Pray and Spray!Hey all! It’s your rising, striving and aspiring to be good, do good girl!  Well, professionally, most knows me as Fiqah – and casually, 80% of the people I know calls me ‘Gar’! Let me start with talking about what I do in real life.I’m a 24 years old, dedicated and aspiring social worker – working with Great Heart Charity Association along with other sister NGOs – Great Vision Charity Association, Earth Warriors Association and Persatuan Kebajikan Kasih Semadi!I’ve started working since I’m 19? Or maybe 20 years old – right after I graduated from my Diploma in 3D Animations. I’ve had several roles in my career, started with graphic designer, telemarketer, working in production house, social media writer and leaped to being a pledged copywriter - and now working as a social media team member here!It’s funny how my life journey goes, as I’ve always tryna be independent and have been moving here and there; to pursue my career, and my job. Gaining experience with all the works I’ve done; I’ve decided to be stronger to achieve more for my future.I came to Great Heart in July 2021, almost a year now! It’s really a change of culture, surrounding, experience and eye-opening moments when I started here. All this time, I’ve always thought that working in NGO is, like, literally – volunteering. Never have I thought that there would be a fully operating team that works together to provide support, aid and assistance to those in need. As I started my career here, in the social media field, and as a social worker – I’ve come to realise that Doing good has no boundaries.Your every action, movement, steps and effort towards doing good, everything matters. As small as holding the door open for others, to cleaning together and even by just saying thank you. All those actions are common in our daily life, but they bring warmth and indescribable feelings of harmony. Coming back to the fundraiser! I have volunteered several times with Great Vision Charity Association or Persatuan Harapan Mulia. I’ve gone through multiple Rakan Shopping sessions where we will be shopping for groceries and get items from the wishlist of the families themselves! We will then send over the groceries to their home, in PPR (Projek Perumahan Rakyat); if you don’t know what this is, PPR is a low-cost home for underprivileged families, mainly from the B40 category. Meeting these families, seeing how some single parents with children to care of, with health issue that are to be sacrificed for lacking the financial backing to go through treatment or just a super big family with low income to sustain trying to push through the struggle, and make their life better, grateful to even have a plate of rice on the table to feed their family. I’ve come to realise that what our support has given them. The monthly grocery aid for these families have given them hope, and privilege to live like any other family out there. With this monthly grocery purchase, they get to use high quality, best goods for the month. It is truly an eye-opening moment as I realise that they need the help, more than others. I’ve always come to think that my family situation is unfortunate. My mother is a single parent, struggling with sickness to raise me and my younger brother. We don’t always have enough, but we manage to still live together. Sharing the great things when it come and sharing the difficulties until it passes by. When I came into Great Heart, they offered me support and they heard my struggles, took into consideration of my difficulties – and now, here I am, going great with my job, and YES! Got married to my husband, – who is super supportive of my career and will ALWAYS volunteer for charity works with me too! OH and as for the Didik-Kasih EduCare program, I’ve always wanted to pursue my degree for a chance to improve my life. However, I decided that working is the best for me now, and maybe pursuing the degree will come – in any future. As for my brother, he got to pursue his studies and is doing his degree now. When Great Vision heard of my brother, they offered me to apply for their Didik-Kasih program for my brother – knowing the struggles my family is facing. I told my brother to apply for it, he prepared all the documents, went through the interview and BAM! He is one of the Didik-Kasih students now! Talking from my family’s own perspective, we are really really grateful that we receive this aid. My brother’s studies fee, e-learning costs and materials needed requires a decent sum of money to actually be able to learn comfortably. With the aid given, my mother can worry less about my brother’s internet bills, phone bills, study equipments and others. And to top that, my brother is also given the opportunity to volunteer, learn more about giving back to the community and to share the happiness. #HarapanMulia is a campaign to fundraise for Great Vision Charity Association, in hope to sustain the expenses, operating costs and to maintain the programs for 2023. I have decided to join the campaign as a fundraiser, and to raise a total amount of RM3,000!As I’ve mentioned before, since I spend my free times playing online PC games with my friends, I have decided to host a charity livestream fundraiser on my Twitch channel, and might bring it to Facebook Channel as well! Together with my group of friends, they will be streaming together with me to support the cause and we hope that it will go well for the whole month! If you are interested in supporting my fundraiser, donate to my fundraiser, or entertain yourself and head to my Twitch channel to support me there!Discord: ruexu#1001Twitch:  
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    Fundraiser by Tan Wei Kiong for #HarapanMulia

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  • Fundraiser by Tony Toh for #HarapanMulia

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    5 Donors

    About Me Hi, my name is Tony. Although working in Great Heart Charity Association’s administrative department, I have also been recently involved in engaging at several social work activities in my sister NGO Great Vision Charity Association. I believe that lending a kindness hand are one of the most important aspects in our life when engaging for the good sake of the society.Rakan Shopping Program The Rakan Shopping (also known as Shopping Buddy Program) is one of my favourite charity work in Great Vision Charity Association so far. The reason I chose to volunteer this program is because it helps one to discover how people living in the underprivileged world look like where many of us rarely take into realization.Every month, Rakan Shopping Program would help at least dozens of low-income underprivileged families living mainly at low-cost flat areas by providing them groceries worth a total of RM100 for a family. The grocery items included basic goods such as rice, flour, cooking oil, beverages, canned food, noodles and so on in order to cope for their basic necessity life suffered due to financial difficulties.Why fundraise? By doing this fundraise, we hope that every single cent donated are highly valuable as they will be funneled through supporting Rakan Shopping Program as well as other related activities within Great Vision Charity Association such as Didik Kasih Edu-Care Program.If you would like to contribute something for the good of society but couldn’t physically volunteer outside, you can start on your own small effort by helping to donate to us! Every single kind donation is much appreciated!
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    Fundraiser by Tony Toh for #HarapanMulia

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    Being involved as part of the charity life, NGOs like Great Vision Charity Association has made us realize how important our missions are to help out the underprivileged families and people when needed whom are often forgotten by the society, especially towards the B40 communities.With the current ongoing situations like Covid-19 and lockdowns that heavily affected many underprivileged societies in a most unfortunate way, this critical moment is when each of us has the utmost responsibility to lend a care when they need us.And that’s why I’m setting a fundraise campaign dedicated to all GVCA programs. Here’s where we explain for each GVCA programs:
    • Didik Kasih EduCare program: For all donations made, all proceeds will go to helping the underprivileged students who are unable to pay up their basic costs to obtain their education in college. These students needed to fulfil their successful future life. The best part is? These same students most of the times will come back to even help other underprivileged families once they obtain their scholarship!
    • Rakan Shopping program: The proceeds will also go to B40 underprivileged families (mainly from PPR low-cost flat areas residency) where volunteers would purchase daily groceries for the families. It is known that many families have unsustainable income as a result of their dire condition imposed by many external factors. The recent Covid-19 only makes it worst and we hope that these proceeds will help stabilize their situation.
    • Collaborating partners: A little fact known is GVCA also collaborates with other associations and organizations like Prudential which facilitates PRUKasih Financial Relief, as well as sister NGOs like Great Heart Charity Association’s charitable programs which I came from! What a small world we are living now!
    So, are we waiting for? Let’s start our own part to help contribute donations to GVCA when we can! Remember that every single cent count, because they will always be life saver for those who are most unfortunate than us!
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    Fundraiser by Wei San for #HarapanMulia

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    Call me Wei San 😊I believed in what goes around comes around. I care about people around me and I wished I could use my time and effort to make everyone around me a little happier every day. I try my hardest to do the right thing and give back when I should. This has brought me to an act of giving back to the society. The society had done so much for me and I took so much pride in where I came from, now is my turn to spread the love and care to the society.I am currently fundraising for Great Vision in hopes to light up the lives of even more underprivileged individuals that are fighting for their future. Join me by donating to this meaningful campaign and show your support to our beloved beneficiaries ❤️