Didik Kasih EduCare Program: Munir teaches baking!

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Didik Kasih EduCare Program: Munir teaches baking!

Student Organized Baking Workshop Enlighten Underprivileged Children

A student initiated baking workshop has brought together fifteen children aged 10 to 14 from Yayasan Chow Kit to get a hands on experience on bun-making. This workshop was organised by Munir Bin Darussalam, 19 years old who has received study aid from Didik Kasih EduCare Program, a charity program under Great Vision Charity Association (Persatuan Harapan Mulia) that provides study aid to underprivileged students.

Munir has been receiving a monthly study allowance from Didik Kasih EduCare Program to study a 6 months bakery program in Bakery Ria Academy, Ampang. While receiving study aid from the said program, he has to use the knowledge gained to conduct a charity project using the aid fund provided by Great Vision Charity.  “Didik Kasih EduCare Program aims to influence and inspire successful applicants to give back to the society by getting involved in and organising charity activities,” said Great Vision Charity representative, Ms Chor Mun Yan.

Coming from an underprivileged background and an alumnus of Yayasan Chow Kit, Munir Bin Darussalam wished to inspire other children from Yayasan Chow Kit to be determined in chasing their dreams. With college’s support, he engaged his course mates as volunteers to teach them baking.

Munir and his fellow friends started by briefing the children about kitchen safety, food hygiene, introduction of baking tools and procedure of making buns. During hands-on time, the children were divided into 4 groups and guided patiently step-by-step from measuring ingredients, knitting dough, shaping and lastly putting on decorations.

The kitchen was filled with everyone’s laughter and they enjoyed the session. Most of the buns turned out well, the children were proud and happy with their buns. One of the participant, Fakhrul commented “I have never thought that I could bake but today I made my own chocolate and sausage bun! It was a fun event and I learnt a new skill today!”

The project leader, Munir commented, “I am proud to have a chance to share my skills with them. This is an unforgettable experience to me.”

The event has seeded a lot of interest among the children. They enjoyed the buns exceptionally as it was all made from their determined effort.

For details on Great Vision Charity Association, visit their official website at http://www.persatuanharapanmulia.org.my/ or write to them at [email protected]

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